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What is a OneSite Report?

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The new industry standard in site-specific and date-specific hail verification.

HailStrike’s new OneSite™ Report offers the most extensive, detailed and time-sensitive hail reporting ever. Using HailStrike’s proprietary, patent-pending algorithm, OneSite™ Reports provide unprecedented detail into the Size of Hail, Speed of the storm, Direction of storm, Length of storm, and Storm Intensity. Other reporting services only relay the size of hail, and only relative to a generalized area. OneSite™ Reports add an array of automated property data (latitude, longitude, elevation, and value), as well as every detail of the storm at a specific location. And rather than a typical turnaround time, HailStrike delivers a complete, detailed OneSite™ Report in under thirty minutes.

Do You Need Evidence for an Insurance Claim?

OneSite Provides Scientific Ammunition about the Exact Details of Weather at a Given Site!

OneSite™ Reports utilize Dual Polarization, NEXRAD radars’ newest technology, which creates a digital, High Definition look into the heart of a storm. Only HailStrike captures, stores and analyzes this data every five minutes from NOAA's 150 NEXRAD radars and then processes it with it's patent-pending Derived Hail Index. These unique reports include:

  •  Detailed summary page
  •  Terminology and Technology
  •  Storm direction and duration
  •  Storm speed and intensity
  •  Map overview of the area