About OneSite

We are an advanced weather forensics company offering the most innovative and cross-referenced historical data available in the market today. Founded in 2011, Dynamic Weather Solutions has forged a radically fresh approach to weather forensics and data science. We design tools with the user in mind rather than simply “data-dump” our clients with information that is often hard-to-use, vague and inaccurate. This priority on our clients makes our data both productive and easily-understood.

Located in the Dallas, Texas area, which experiences some of the United States’ most severe weather, we have frequent opportunities to verify the accuracy of our reporting software and its complex calculations. We frequently have the opportunity to deploy one of our staff Trained Spotters (SkyWarn) or weather chasers to physically track a storm. Not only does this verify the accuracy of a particular report, but it helps refine our data and ensures that our ever-improving accuracy remains second to none.


OneSite reports are fast becoming acknowledged as valid representations of storm activity. We do not limit our report to the hail’s size relative to a location, or wind’s "gust speed". Our Reports equip you with every available detail about a storm at a precise location––leaving you with valuable data to support your claim. Whether you need data on a particular location or even long-term historical comparisons, HailStrike provides the investigative, cross-referenced information needed to precisely document activity. When it is critical that you have all the facts available, HailStrike stands alone.


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Leading the way through Innovation

Despite already being distinguished as the company with the most extensive unique products, our innovation and development team is constantly striving to provide industry firsts tools based on the cumulative data that is available. HailStrike's reputation has become one of a leader when it comes to speed of reporting. Generally our timely reports are generated within just a few hours and sometimes even real time which alleviates the need to pay for "rush" services. HailStrike, with our comprehensive tools, services and patent pending algorithms, is able to provide the data you seek without the need to piece together reports based on information spread throughout several resources.


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We Know Severe Weather

Our development team does not rest on its laurels as an industry pioneer, but constantly strives to refine inventive tools based on state-of-the-art data sources. HailStrike’s speed of reporting has quickly gained an unrivaled reputation. Generally, our timely reports are generated within just a few hours and sometimes even real-time––saving you the added expense of "rush" services. With comprehensive tools, services and patent-pending algorithms, HailStrike provides the data you need without making you piece together reports from information spread across multiple, non-integrated resources