What makes OneSite reports so special?

Typically, hail verification reports have only offered basic hail information of a storm, leaving a large gap for assumptions, misinformation and guesswork. By using traditional reports that generally give the "maximum size" of hail relative to a location, it is easy to understand why this method produces inaccurate results. With our patent-pending Intensity Scale, we not only report how much hail fell, but the speed the storm was moving, which directionit was moving and how long the storm affected the area. This rounds out the report making it an invaluable asset in representing a claim. 


How is your information so accurate?

Our core product, HailStrike, uses Level III NEXRAD radar data from NOAA to plot a series of markers along a path which represent activity within a super cell storm cloud containing hail signatures. In addition to this revolutionary product our scale reflects the intensity of a storm based on several data products directly extracted from the NEXRAD radar system. Its high definition values utilize the latest in Dual Polarization. Calculations are based on a complex formula that examines Level III data and the calculated sum (intensity) of a storm which refers to the overall amount of hail activity within that storm.

Do you guarantee your report is 100% accurate?

No. We have gone to great lengths to produce reports based on as little human interaction as possible, however, completely relying on the accuracy, reliability and availability of data from radars is not always an possible. We do not utilize one sole source of data, but rather gather from multiple resources and as we receive this vast amount of data from across the network of NEXRAD radars we then store the information in our internal array of data archive computers. There are a variety of causes for a radar to not be functioning, but generally the stations are maintained and repaired within minutes and are then back online. With the varied types and sources of information we provide in the OneSite report, we stand behind the data we provide as being the same values that we received straight from the radar station.

Who uses these OneSite reports?

As a general rule, anyone who is looking for hail verification and forensic data to provide a summary of severe hail activity at any particular location in the US. Because we are not employed by any one agency or group of agents, our data is purely unbiased and the most accurate based on the integrity of the data we are provided.

Why do I need this much information?

If you have historically been relying on hail verification reports to prove or disprove claims of storm activity for a property or asset, then you have only been working with a portion of the facts. OneSite reports are the industry's only system that gives you the amount and quality of data for your purposes. Knowing the size of hail at a particular location simply is not enough evidence to form a judgment. With the additional data we provide, you will know the complete facts concerning a hail event.